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Empowering TouchByte's Journey from Start-up to Acquisition Success

Empowering TouchByte's Journey from Start-up to Acquisition Success

In the fast-paced world of technology, every success story is built upon a foundation of determination, innovation, and unwavering support. TouchByte, a high-growth technology business based in Cornwall, has emerged as a shining example of how the right resources and guidance can transform a start-up into a market leader.

TouchByte, a leading Cornish innovator of contactless facial recognition solutions, has announced its recent acquisition by SALTO Solutions; a global market leader in smart electronic access control solutions.

The story of TouchByte’s journey from start-up to ready-ness for acquisition can be traced back to the business support received from Unlocking Potential over the last 20 years.

Empowering TouchByte's Journey from Start-up to Acquisition Success

Access to ERDF grants to produce and develop flagship product

Through Unlocking Potential’s Breakthrough programme and access to a grant, TouchByte was able to develop and produce the hardware for the first face entry door system in collaboration with Vital Spark, who subsequently employed an Unlocking Potential graduate to complete the hardware development. Additionally, grant support from Digital Transformation years later, facilitated the development of a new customer interface for the Facentry product, resulting in an improved user experience.

High-growth business strategy support led to collaboration opportunities with global leaders Microsoft and Fujitsu

Furthermore, TouchByte gained valuable insights and inspiration from webinars and workshops provided by Unlocking Potential, including Digital Transformation’s Ionology course that sparked the idea to diversify and develop a high growth business strategy. This groundbreaking move positioned TouchByte for remarkable growth and expanded opportunities.

The support received through bespoke coaching and mentoring from Future Focus played a pivotal role in enhancing the visibility and brand awareness of TouchByte. As a result, TouchByte caught the attention of global leaders Microsoft and Fujitsu, opening doors to new collaborations and opportunities.

Recruitment support from Unlocking Potential to build a nurtured, skilled team

Unlocking Potential's recruitment and mentoring support played a significant role in expanding the TouchByte team by finding talented individuals and nurturing their skills. This only continued to solidify TouchByte's position as the market leader in facial recognition technology.

How did Unlocking Potential have an impact on Touchbyte’s growth journey?

Breakthrough programme grant support:

Grant support from Digital Transformation:

Webinars and workshops:

Bespoke coaching and mentoring:

Recruitment and mentoring:

The acquisition by SALTO Solutions marks an exciting new chapter for TouchByte. By joining forces with a global market leader in smart electronic access control solutions, TouchByte is primed to push the boundaries of innovation and deliver exceptional access control solutions through SALTO worldwide.

Through grants, coaching, mentoring, recruitment and access to valuable resources, TouchByte was able to innovate, grow, and solidify its position as a market leader in facial recognition technology.

Their journey serves as an inspiration for innovative and forward-thinking tech businesses in Cornwall, demonstrating the power of collaboration and the crucial role that supportive programs like Unlocking Potential play in shaping their success

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