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KCS Print empowered through Digital Transformation

KCS Print empowered through Digital Transformation

KCS Print have been in business since 1987, specialising in integrated products and labels (i.e. products printed with the customer address, barcode or other unique information). Their reputation is for operating at the leading edge of digital printing processes, so it was no surprise when, in 2019, they decided to move into label printing for bottles and cans, which would trade under a new brand name, ‘Root Sustainable Labels.’

They applied for a Business Investment for Growth (BIG) grant to help pay for machinery, and as part of this process were referred to Digital Transformation (DT).

Starting from scratch gave them the chance to get everything absolutely spot on from the beginning: “Getting the right digital systems in place from the outset was really important” says Managing Director, Zoe Deadman.

Access to workshops to solidify business strategy using digital

This aim chimed with their first DT contact: a Value Proposition workshop which helped them to think clearly and conceptually about their point of difference, and how the technology would help them achieve it. Its outcome was their decision to allow customers to go online and re-order products, thereby improving customer service as well as productivity.

Using a Digital Innovator to help identify the best tech solutions for their business

Like all businesses helped by DT they were assigned a Digital Innovator, who helped them scope a ‘wish list’ for investment, and coached them further to whittle the list down and work out how best to match what they needed with available resources. Zoe says of this process: “Taking the time, and making sure what we were doing was the right thing was really worthwhile.”

Grant awarded to implement new internal management system software

DT also supported them with further funding – a large grant to cover a fully integrated Management Information System (MIS) – as well as with a grant from Superfast Cornwall to develop a new website.

DT’s help with the grant for the software meant it could all be installed, checked, tweaked and taught to staff right at the start, and not retrospectively, which would have been much harder to accomplish successfully.

KCS Print launched Root Sustainable Labels in May 2022. Zoe says of the help they’ve had: “It’s made us think about the future, rather than just dealing in the today.” They’re the only printer in Cornwall making labels like this and that future, they anticipate, will see them turning over £1m in the next two to three years.

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