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Future Focus helped business leaders to think big, think laterally and think ahead.

In partnership with the University of Exeter, Future Focus was delivered through labs, one-to-one support, workshops, large-scale events, and innovation-led business trips.

Future Focus 2 was Unlocking Potential’s free-thinking, future-facing programme, which helped business leaders to think big, think laterally and think ahead. Our partner in this programme was the University of Exeter who brought their expertise in sustainability and circular economy to the fore, helping businesses realise both economic and environmental benefits.

Through labs, one-to-one support, innovation workshops, large-scale events, and innovation-led business trips the programme focused specifically on productivity, releasing growth potential, and social benefit via research and innovation.


Future Focus involved, among other things, “Labs” (small, highly facilitated peer-to-peer workshops designed to provide a deeper dive into particular topics) and “Uber Labs” (facilitated exchanges and visits, sometime out of county).

As Future Focus launched a couple of months before the first lockdown in March 2020, the team quickly created an online series of workshops addressing the immediate and longer-term implications of the pandemic; creating a community when many business leaders and their employees found themselves isolated.

Another pillar of the programme was the unique high energy, high-impact Gamechanger events. These large-scale one-day business events were unrivalled in the county and brought a string of inspirational speakers to ignite audiences.  The final event ‘Trailblazers’ featured Sara Davies OBE and 10 local business leaders sharing their approach to changing the game, drawing together over 200 delegates.

Innovation was also supported through the programme with innovation grants, bespoke research from University of Exeter, specialist coaching and supported jobs, bringing expertise and resources into businesses and enabling change – all supercharged with salary subsidy, mentoring and Business Development Manager support


At the end of the programme, a survey proved the impact of the programme on the local economy.

Overall, 94% of respondents had experienced, or expected to experience, benefit from taking part.

Turnover had increased by an average 25% for almost half of businesses, and two thirds of expected turnover increase. 64% expected it to lead to an increase in profitability over time, proving the long-term impact of the programme.

Different ways to assess impact point to different kinds of results – its estimated £8.9m value has been added to the economy as of summer 2023. Ultimately Future Focus was created to inspire and provoke action, for business leaders who wanted to accelerate growth, reduce risk and create change, and that’s exactly what it did.

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Eliquo Hydrok

Unlocking Potential: Eliquo Hydrok

Changing Cornish businesses, one person at a time.

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Celtic & Co.

Future Focus: Going large, staying local, growing sustainably - Celtic & Co.

Events on sustainable manufacturing and natural dyeing techniques support growth of Celtic & Co.

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Future Focus Success Story: Flexi-Hex

Sam and Will Boex on launching Flexi-Hex as a start-up to now working with some of the world’s leading brands.

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ICE Trikes

Future Focus Success Story: ICE Trikes

ICE lead in the field of recumbent trike innovation.

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iJo Power

Game-changing support from Future Focus for iJo Power

Future Focus support helps innovative business deliver 100% YoY growth through lab trips, workshops, recruitment support and 1:1 coaching from a Business Development Manager.

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